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In essence, reading is a process to understand and reconstruct the meaning contained in reading material. Message or meaning contained in the text reading is a mutual interaction, active interaction, and dynamic interaction between the reader has basic knowledge with the sentences, facts, and information contained in the text readings. The information contained in the literature is information invisible to the eye or can be referred to as the source of visual information. Knowledge base which was previously owned by the reader is the information stored in the memory of the brain / mind reader or can be called with nonvisual information sources. Both kinds of sources of information need to be owned equally by the reader. It means the ability to know the visual information to be followed by the basic knowledge needed to comprehend a reading text. Vice versa, the knowledge base that has been held to proceed with the ability to understand visual information that a text reading. Other supporting capabilities that need to be held reader that is owned by the ability of connecting ideas with reading material. In relation to understanding and perekonstruksian message or meaning contained in the text readings, Harris and Sipay (1980) states that reading is a process of interpreting the meaning of written language appropriately. Introduction to the meaning of the word according to its context is a necessary prerequisite to understanding the message contained in reading material.
Reading is one type of written language skills who are receptive. Called receptive because by reading a person will obtain information, acquire science and knowledge and new experiences. All of which is obtained through reading would allow a person to enhance the power of thought, sharpen vision, and broaden their horizons (Zuchdi and Budiasih, 1996/1997: 49). The opinion emphasizes the importance of reading for improving the quality of one's self. Someone will 'technology illiterate' and 'stutter information' if rarely or never read the activities. Information about science, technology, cultural, political, social and various other current information are constantly evolving rapidly from day to day. All kinds of information and the times are in addition can be followed from electronic media (eg TV), can also be followed by print media by reading. Both kinds of media information each has advantages and disadvantages. Electronic media can be accessed in a more relaxed because they live watching a show on TV. The downside, those impressions can not be watched again when we need information. The print media that is accessed by way of reading has shortcomings in terms of readers, namely the availability of insufficient time in reading, lack of ability to understand the reading text, the low motivation in reading, lack of reading habits, etc.. However, when compared with electronic media (eg TV), reading has the advantage of reading the text can be read back if the information in the text the reading is at times necessary.
From the nature of reading which has been described can be argued that reading has many purposes and benefits in daily life. Any person who would do of course have an intention of reading why he needs to read the text which in turn could benefit after reading activities take place. The benefits of reading, among others (1) as a medium of recreation, (2) media self-actualization, (3) media informative; (4) media enhancer insight, (5) media to sharpen reasoning, (6) the media to learn a skill, (7 ) media forming emotional and spiritual intelligence; etc..
Because reading has many benefits in life, then reading activities need to be trained intensively in learning at school, mainly starting from the level of primary education. Learning to read in primary schools intensively trained in subjects Indonesian. In general, learning to read in primary schools are grouped into two kinds, namely reading the beginning and read further. In the following discussion then focused on learning to read the beginning and bagamana diagnose difficulties in its implementation if it turns out students' primary impediment in learning to read.

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